How do you share household responsibility with your life partner? People have the greatest relationship satisfaction when they both have a clear understanding of the division of labor and household responsibilities. The deciding factor isn’t who does more but the clarity around who it is to do what. So the fairest split isn’t always 50/50 but a smart balance.

Unagreed-Splitting Can Erode the Relationship
Living in couple includes the practical business of running the household and often taking care of the children. That means a lot of things like maintenance, shopping, planning, cleaning, cooking, childcare, transportation, etc. When the practical aspects run smoothly, there is peace and harmony. However, if friends drop in and the house is a mess, or if there are no clean clothes to wear, or it rains hard and the leaky roof wasn't fixed because of procrastination...then irritations grow, misunderstandings surface, a conflict can happen.

Timeven will help to easily solve misunderstandings and conflict by allowing you to better manage the shared responsibilities:

Record the chores you share with your partner
Account for all the time you spend running the household
Take note of the effort you put into the daily chores and necessary routines
Track the time you spend to maintain peace and harmony
Compare each one achivements and reward your partner
Show all the time & love you give away everyday

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